A Guide to Helping Seniors Cope with Losing Older Pets

Pets can provide important companionship and a sense of purpose for seniors. Many assisted living facilities in Jacksonville allow pets so seniors can have a furry friend all through retirement.

The loss of an older pet can be devastating, and seniors often need support to get through the grief. Loved ones can help seniors cope with the loss and move on to the next stage in life. Here are a few tips to help seniors cope with losing older pets.

Listen and Support

When a senior is grieving the loss of an older pet, sometimes they just need someone to listen to them or to keep them company. While there is nothing you can say to bring back the pet, you can be an outlet for a senior to express their feelings and feel heard.

Offer Assistance

When seniors are going through the grieving process, they may need help with everyday things like chores and cooking. Seniors in Jacksonville, Florida assisted living may already have the help they need. 

However, sometimes it is nice to have extra help from loved ones. Offer your help if they need it without overstepping and causing conflict.

Help Find a New Pet 

While a new pet does not alleviate the sadness of losing a previous pet, it can offer some relief and give seniors something new to look forward to. 

You shouldn’t offer the idea of getting a new pet if the senior isn’t ready. If and when they are ready, you can help by researching the best pets for seniors and assisting them in finding a new furry friend.

Develop a Supportive Community with Jacksonville, Florida Assisted Living

During a time of loss, having a supportive network can make all of the difference. Jacksonville assisted living facilities offer a true sense of community where seniors feel like they belong. 

When seniors experience loss — including the loss of a pet — they will be surrounded by people who care about them and support them through any difficult time.

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