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Challenging your mind is one of the eight dimensions in our exclusive My W Life wellbeing program. We encourage you to keep expanding your awareness of the world around you. We will challenge your mind with creative ideas and activities. Westminster Woods on Julington Creek offers access to a wide range of great courses through an innovative partnership with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of North Florida. Sharpen your pencils to learn something new – here are just a few examples:

  • “The History of the Cold War”: Increase your understanding of the Cold War, one of our generation’s defining events. Explore how the conflict began, how the world was divided into two opposing camps, how a balance of power lasted for 40 years and why it suddenly ended. Recommended reading: The Cold War: A New History, by John Lewis Gaddis, and The Long Telegram by George Kennan.
  • “Mystery, Morality and Miracle”: Most origin stories credit religious rituals as the foundation of theater, first in the plays of ancient Greece, then again in medieval Europe where scholars trace the rebirth of theater from worship practices and attempts to illustrate Bible stories. Examine the origins of modern drama in medieval church compositions that were part of public worship. Explore the development of medieval drama from the sanctuary to the stage.
  • “Musical Surprises and Mishaps”: Musicians wear many hats to be successful in the music business. They may perform, teach, compose, arrange, produce, entertain and publish. Learn about the vicissitudes of marketing music for films, attempting to develop a new musical style, timing hit recordings, making accidental hit recordings and other interesting lessons from the music business.

Find out how you can be first in your class at Westminster Woods on Julington Creek! Call us today at (877) 608-4803 or click here to learn more.

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