How to Keep Children Connected to Relatives in Assisted Living

It can be tough for kids when their loved one moves into Jacksonville, Florida, assisted living. This is a transition that takes time to get used to. However, there are plenty of ways to keep children in touch with their senior relatives. 

Follow this guide to keep the kids in the family in the loop with their loved ones in assisted living facilities in Jacksonville. 

Frequent Video Chats

Children love hearing their loved ones’ voices and seeing their faces. One of the best ways to keep in touch on a regular basis is to video chat. Many children have tablets and smartphones of their own, but they can also use their parents’. 

Video chat is beneficial for seniors in assisted living facilities. They may not get to visit their relatives often, but they can see them and hear them in real-time through video calls. 

Plan a time for your children to video chat with their loved ones each week. This will give both the kids and the seniors in your life something to look forward to on a weekly basis. 

Making Crafts and Other Gifts

Kids love to use their creativity to show their love. Set aside a few hours for your children to make special gifts for their senior relatives in assisted living. This will produce plenty of smiles all around. 

If you are able to visit the assisted living facility that your loved one resides in, have your children bring crafting materials there. This way, they can make crafts with their senior relative and enjoy quality time with them. 

Plan Meals Together

One of the ways people connect to one another as a society is through eating. Shared meals keep people close and give them the chance to socialize while enjoying good food. 

Children will love the opportunity to visit their loved one’s community and dine with them. Most assisted living communities have high-quality dining options that everyone can enjoy. Plan shared meals with your children and the seniors in your life to keep them connected over time. 

Visiting Jacksonville, Florida, Assisted Living with Children

Most assisted living communities allow visitors at almost all times. Children are welcome to visit their relatives, explore their residences, and enjoy quality time with their loved ones. 

Read the facility’s visitation policy to make sure you can bring your children at the times you plan to visit. Your loved one will be overjoyed to see them!

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