5 Big Benefits Of Taking A Fitness Class At Your Jacksonville Independent Living Facility

We all know the importance of fitness and working movement into our everyday lives. This only becomes more essential as we grow into our golden years — however, you don’t have to tackle your entire exercise routine alone. In fact, if you call the Jacksonville independent living facility of Westminster Woods “home,” you have access to a wealth of community resources designed to promote your overall wellness — including fitness classes.

As part of the My W Life wellness program, we offer fitness classes that aim to teach participants about reaching their potential, avoiding unhealthy habits, making educated health decisions, and getting medical support when needed. To that end, you’ll always want to check with your medical team before starting a new workout regimen. But in the meantime, read on for a taste of what to expect from Westminster Woods fitness classes!

Social Connection

Any form of movement is a good thing — and solo walking and workouts can definitely be a part of your overall routine! However, at the same time, there’s something special to be said about the fun of working out in a group environment. You might find it’s easier to laugh and show yourself some grace, for example, because you realize in real time that no one else is perfect their first time trying a new workout either! Alternatively, if you’re someone that thrives on a bit of healthy competition, having friends join you for your workout can inspire you to do your best.

Either way, the social connection that comes with a fitness class is a benefit unto itself — a way to bond with others and your body. We call that a win-win!

No Motivation Needed

Sometimes, it can be hard to motivate yourself to do a workout — even when you know it’s good for you. But when that workout is part of a group commitment on your calendar, you might feel even more compelled to get out there and get moving.

Guided Movement

We’ve all been there — it can certainly be daunting to try a new workout routine or form of movement with your body. That’s one of the ways a fitness class can help! You’re never alone and are always learning from an instructor who’s happy to help guide you through new or confusing steps, removing some of the nerves that can come with a new exercise regimen.

Making Fitness Fun

Above all, a fitness class makes movement fun! When you’re working out as a group, it might feel more like a classic PE class from your school days rather than another task on your to-do list. There will be lots of laughs and feel-good endorphins released, making you that much more excited about physical fitness in the long run.

Lasting Changes Well Beyond The Class Itself

Speaking of the long run, the benefits of a Westminster Woods fitness class aren’t contained to the class itself! Things you learn — whether they’re inspirational quotes or practical movement tips — will linger in your mind as you continue your fitness journey, and that’s definitely something to be happy about.

When you sign up for a fitness class at Westminster Woods, you’re also signing up for all of the benefits and lasting memories that come with it! Get in touch to learn more about My W Life and other ways you can embrace overall wellness from the comfort of our Jacksonville community.

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