Get To Know Beautiful Julington Creek At Westminster Woods’ Independent Living In Jacksonville

When you call Westminster Woods’ independent living in Jacksonville “home,” you have access to the best of both worlds — the city’s arts and culture when you want it, and a peaceful, back-to-nature retreat when you want to rest and recharge at home. Specifically, our slice of the Sunshine State is located on the banks of Julington Creek. But just what makes this area so special?

Today, we’re finding out! Just read on to learn more about Julington Creek’s one-of-a-kind charm.

Familiarize Yourself With Our One-Of-A-Kind Geography

First things first: Let’s get a lay of the land! Julinton Creek is a charming offshoot off the greater St. Johns River, which is the longest river in the state of Florida. East of Westminster Woods’ perch on the creek, you’ll find a nature preserve that features an abundant diversity of plant and animal life.

Embark Upon A Local Boat Ride

Now that you have a slightly better understanding of the layout of the creek, the best way to explore it is by boat! Organized boat rides on the creek, which spans half a mile wide, are a popular way for Westminster Woods residents to witness the beauty of the creek firsthand — an aquatic front-row seat, if you will. Just ask us how to take part in the next outing!

Not only is a boat ride on Julington Creek a fun-filled way to spend an afternoon, but it can also help deliver some serious mental health benefits. Recently, exciting research has found positive associations between time spent in “blue spaces” (aka natural aquatic or marine landscapes) and stress relief, which can help you in myriad ways — even after you’ve disembarked for the day. That’s something to feel great about!

Stroll Along The Waterfront

The charm of Julington Creek can also be appreciated from land, of course. Many Westminster Woods residents have fun biking or strolling through the neighborhood and its many waterfront vistas. On that note, there’s also Turtle Lake to check out, which is located at the heart of our neighborhood and offers delightful aquatic views to pair with your outdoor adventure.

Grab A Bite

Here at Westminster Woods, we’re so fond of Julington Creek that we actually designed our resort-style dining opportunities around the water — so you can always count on a dazzling riverfront view, even when you’re enjoying a meal with loved ones!

Learn More

If you’ve thoroughly explored Julington Creek and find yourself wanting to learn more, you’re in the perfect position to do that here at Westminster Woods. Our partnership with the University of North Florida’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute gives your residents access to unparalleled educational opportunities, and you can keep the studies going at our library and computer center. Whether your interest lies in the physical geography of the Sunshine State or the history of its largest city, you’re sure to discover something new and exciting along the way.

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s virtual tour of Julington Creek! Here at Westminster Woods, we’re proud to be located on such a stunning and fun-filled body of water — which lends itself to quality outdoor time, connection with nature, and happy memories made with friends!

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