Is Now the Right for Memory Care in Assisted Living?

Over time, it is natural for an individual’s memory to show signs of decline. Aging, illness, or accidents may begin to compromise a person’s memory. Age-related cognitive decline, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, may not show any immediate signs of effect. Instead, individuals exhibit symptoms over a period of time. This makes it hard to determine when an individual truly needs memory care in assisted living facilities in Jacksonville, Florida. The following are signs that may indicate a person needs memory care in a Jacksonville, Florida assisted living facility.

Diagnosis of Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or Another Related Condition

Although many people can be forgetful sometimes, that level of forgetfulness increases with age. However, frequent forgetting of important dates, locations, dates, and bill payments may exhibit signs of an abnormal condition. These are usually the first signs of dementia; therefore, there is a need to visit a doctor. After a diagnosis, there is a need to consider memory care in independent living in Jacksonville. A person may opt to stay at home as long as they want in the initial stages of the condition.

Caregiver Stress at Home or In Jacksonville Assisted Living Facilities

Caring for a loved one who needs memory care requires a lot of effort, understanding, and willingness. It may be difficult to support an individual with this condition without participating in frequent breaks. Whether in home-based care or with qualified memory care providers, patients with mid to later stages of memory loss need high-quality medical assistance. If a person approaches or is already in a phase where caregiving is too time-consuming, there is a need to consider memory care at an assisted living facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

A Decline in Overall Health

A person with memory issues may face difficulties performing other activities like driving, preparing food, making a grocery list, or even remembering to eat. Additionally, losing track of time and days has a terrible impact on circadian rhythm. This may lead to insomnia, Sundowner’s syndrome, and other sleep conditions that affect a person’s well-being.

Little to No Social Life

Some people with dementia experience a considerable decline in their social life. However, residents in memory care centers or retirement communities in Jacksonville experience vibrant social lives. There are daily activities, creative outlets, and supervised excursions in most centers.

Memory loss is a condition that requires an extra care level. Although a person may opt to stay at home, there is a need to consider a memory care facility if the condition becomes severe. Call Westminster Woods today to learn more about our Jacksonville assisted living facilities.

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