How Expensive Is It to Move into a Jacksonville Life Plan Community?

Since costs for life plan communities are not regulated externally, there may be a significant difference in various communities around Jacksonville, Florida. Multiple factors affect retirement communities in Jacksonville. Although life plan community costs may appear higher than other forms of long-term care initially, they end up being lower when calculated over a lifetime. The following are costs linked with life plan communities.

Entrance and Buy-in Fees 

Enrolling occupants pay a one-time, upfront charge when enrolling into a life plan community. The entrance charge may or may not be partially or fully refundable. Since the entrance fee typically covers the client’s health care costs, this cost is usually the essential cost, except if there is a buy-in fee. Entrance fees range from $20,000 for a non-purchase or rental contract, and buy-in charges cost approximately $500,000 or more in the most expensive life plan communities. These charges depend on the location and size of the unit and also the community.  

Monthly Fees

Life plan community costs can differ significantly based on the cost schedule. Some charge as low as $500, while others charge $3,000 or more. This depends on the client’s service plan and the contract. Monthly fees cover ongoing care expenses such as housing. Sometimes, the fee may also cover health care services. You should expect an increase in monthly payments when the inflation level rises. Monthly fees also increase when a client shifts between care levels or housing components. For instance, moving from assisted living care to skilled nursing. Some life plan communities provide a pay-as-you-go program where you can make only monthly payments. This is a month-to-month rental plan, and it can be costly if a client needs health care during their stay in independent living in Jacksonville.

Additional Fees

If you want to avoid hidden continuing care charges in an assisted living facility in Jacksonville, Florida, you should enquire about the available services and their costs. Begin by inquiring about things that are not listed in the contract. They could include professional assistance with daily living activities, health care, transport, housekeeping, meal plans, and beauty services. Know all services that can incur extra charges before signing the agreement. It would help if you also planned for miscellaneous continuing costs like pet deposit, late charges, maintenance, TV and internet, phone and utilities, storage, wellness, parking, and programs.

Costs for life plan communities vary from one facility to another. Many factors determine these costs. However, if you want to avoid hidden charges, you should enquire about all the costs before signing your contract.

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