How Floral Fun Can Enhance Your Jacksonville Florida Assisted Living Space

Spring is right around the corner — and even though Sunshine State plant life blooms all year long, the switch of season is still a great time to bring some floral flair into your home! Westminster Woods’ Jacksonville, Florida assisted living facility is surrounded by the colors of nature everywhere you look — whether you’re strolling by the shores of Julington Creek or hanging out on your own patio. Why not use that vibrant backdrop as inspiration for your own floral arrangements?

Just read on as we explore some of the big benefits of adorning your home in florals — and our favorite tips on how to do exactly that!

Learn About Nature

Getting into floral arrangements can be a great, sneaky way to learn about science and nature — even if it feels like you’re just having pure, good-old-fashioned fun! As you start to care more about the health of your flowers in their vase, you’ll find yourself wondering about things like how plants respond to light (have you ever watched tulips bend and grow toward a window?) and the difference water acidity can make on cut flowers. Caring for plants inspires a spirit of organic curiosity that you can’t replicate just anywhere!

Inspiration Is Everywhere

You might feel like you aren’t equipped to make your own stunning floral arrangements, but think again! Inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere you look — from your favorite magazine, to the flowers that abound throughout Westminster Woods. No one gets it right on the first try, but you’ll have fun experimenting with different arrangements and discovering what looks best in your home.

Take A DIY Approach To Vases

Another unsung perk of getting into floral arrangements? You have an excuse to use various vases, jars, and containers you’ve been saving for a day when they might come in handy. This is that day! Working with flowers inspires you to get creative when finding the perfect home for a new, freshly cut bouquet.

Go Dramatic… Or Thematic

There are so many different options when it comes to putting together fun, thoughtful floral displays. They can be a statement piece at the heart of your home, or follow a unique motif that flows throughout your space — like, for example, flowers of the same color (there are so many beautiful yellows to work with!) or flowers that double as natural air fresheners, such as hyacinths.

Make It A Community Effort

Like so many activities, florals are even more fun when you add a friend or family member to the mix! You can your neighbor can even combine your flower finds and have fun arranging them in a breezy weekend get-together, seeing how you take different approaches to the same set of stems.

Feel-Good Florals

Even a few minutes of exposure to colorful flowers can have a positive impact on your mood, according to a study featured in the National Library of Medicine. Interestingly, the study found that one color — bright and cheery yellow — was the most powerful at producing positive results! So if you’ve been thinking of bringing the happy color into your space, you definitely should give it a try.

Leave The Maintenance To Us

Westminster Woods is a maintenance-free community, so you don’t need to worry about plants outsidegiving you more time to devote to fun activities like arranging flowers in your home!

You’ll find gorgeous flora throughout Westminster Woods — so it only makes sense to continue the bright, springtime motif in your own home. We hope that today’s guide gives you inspiration on how to liven up your space with colorful flowers that don’t just look good but make you feel good, too.

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