Celebrate National Memory Day At The Heart Of Memory Care In Jacksonville, Florida

March 21st is National Memory Day — but here at Westminster Woods’ memory care in Jacksonville, Florida, we recognize the importance of memory support firsthand, all year long. Our brand-new Memory Care Center is home to private apartments for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, thoughtfully connected with a comforting neighborhood layout that makes them feel right at home. A spacious courtyard and beautiful memory garden carry the serene lifestyle outdoors, too, providing a vibrant environment that encourages mind-and-body wellness at every step of the way.

Empowered by quality care, a host of meaningful activities, and a specialized program designed to support cognition, your loved one will be in an environment where they can truly thrive — and that’s just the beginning. In honor of National Memory Day, here are just a few of the myriad meaningful ways our services and amenities support all those who call Westminster Woods’ Memory Care center “home.” Just read on to learn more!

Food As More Than Just Fuel

Wholesome, feel-good food is one of those things that transcends time and place — which makes cuisine an especially important consideration for loved ones in memory care. Customized “Small Bites” make nutritious eating easier, while our thoughtful approach to food also informs other areas — such as family-style and open kitchen environments, for example, that lend a familiar feel to the dining experience.

And of course, the very act of preparing something special to eat (like through our baking and cooking activities) can help bring residents together for a truly empowering experience. It’s not just about the end product itself — which will, of course, be delicious — but about tapping into a long-running tradition of food and community.

Fun & Games

Speaking of community, there are abundant opportunities for community fun at Westminster Woods’ Memory Care Center — including arts and crafts, puzzles and games, and other enriching activities that prioritize play and connection.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Another major pillar of memory care is, of course, residents’ physical surroundings. Their space should be a place they feel safe, secure, and at home — and that’s exactly what Westminster Woods provides, with personal spaces that promote family visits and socializing. The end result is an environment that feels like a vibrant, connected community of neighbors — which, you’ll soon find, defines the Westminster Woods experience at every level.

All-Around Lifestyle

Of course, another key tenet of memory care is the ability to preserve independence as much as possible — which is why you’ll find everyday lifestyle activities mixed into the Westminster Woods routine! These include an on-site beauty salon and barber shop, support with care and grooming tasks, and plenty of opportunities to practice familiar housekeeping tasks like laundry. On National Memory Day and all year long, we celebrated our loved ones with familiar activities that bridge the past, present, and future. Please get in touch today if you’d like to learn more about Westminster Woods on Julington Creek — from memory care to independent living, we’re here to support your family any way we can

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